Our History


It all began in the late 1940’s


In a small house on Paul Street.  A group of prayer warriors gathered together and prayed for God to pour out His Spirit in their community.  Out of prayer, a church was born.  The first pastor was a lady of faith.

During the 1950’s

This group of believers moved to Massachusetts Avenue and became Brentwood United Pentecostal Church. Bro. Thomas Peavy was elected as pastor during these early years.  After several years of pastoring this flock, Bro. Peavy felt his call to move elsewhere, and the church elected Bro. John Barber to assume the position. 

In 1961

 Bro. Barber and a group of men from the church built a new facility at 5416 Sun Valley Drive.  Brentwood became the first “Jesus Name” church in that area and remained at that location until October of 2011.

Following Bro. Barber’s retirement, after some twenty years of pastoring, several other ministers came and served the congregation.  However, after a time, Bro. Peavy once again came to pastor Brentwood and remained as pastor until his retirement in 1990. 

August 5, 1990

Bro. Jimmy Mitchell began serving Brentwood as their newly elected pastor.  In 1992 the vision of a future building was expressed and the years of working and saving began for “one day”.

In 2000

Property was purchased at 6720 Mobile Highway. In 2006, the mortgage was burned.  On October 6, 2011, the congregation of Brentwood United Pentecostal Church enjoyed the fulfillment of their vision by holding their first service in their new home.

Friday, March 16, 2012

We dedicated Apostolic Life to those past, present, and future; who dreamed, caught the vision, and worked so hard to make this day a reality.  We indeed, celebrate the Apostolic Life!